Denali Custom Homes, Inc.

David Bieker

Denali Custom Homes was founded on a passion for creativity, design, and delivering a high level of customer service from lot selection to project completion. Denali takes the time to understand clients’ needs and personality, then utilizes their trade team to design and deliver a truly one-of-a-kind building experience. Denali projects embrace and reflect the homeowners’ style and how they live, while always being mindful of the budget. Those who work with the Denali team feel secure in their abilities and commitment, knowing they will be there for them in the future. David Bieker’s passion for matching design and construction to the vision and ideals of real people is integral to every aspect of the homes he builds.

How did you get your start in custom homebuilding?

Denali Custom Homes is celebrating more than 20 years of building artisan-style homes in the Twin Cities. I began my career after watching my interior designer and builder mother design and build homes for over 20 years. My passion to design and build homes that engage the owners and excite their senses started at a very young age. I am fortunate to now have over 40 years of family experiences to help guide my clients in realizing their dream of a custom home that represents who they are and how they live.

How would you describe your build style?

At Denali Custom Homes, we strive to be uniquely different—each home is crafted to reflect the personality of the client or family who will live there. Our homes are distinguishable by their quality and substance, but we maintain that they are all designed to be specific to the personal likes and interests of our clients.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their builder?

Denali’s reputation and approach to the building process attract people who are looking to enjoy bringing their dream to life. Our clients prefer to be hand-held through their journey, and we aid them in the multitude of decisions they will make along the way. We are a boutique builder that provides a one-on-one, guided experience and delivers the highest level of quality, communication,
and service.

How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

Simply put, we listen! It’s not about us, it’s about our clients and what they want, how they operate as a family, and how they envision living each day in their home. We collaborate with our clients to make that vision come to life in an enjoyable experience.

What are the most important elements of a successful build team?

Creating a core build team early during the design phase is very important. Members should be selected and introduced into the process as early as possible for the best results. Denali coaches your team to coordinate the many players involved and encourages collaboration. Your vision stays at the forefront to deliver the results you have imagined.

What do you wish others knew about your company?

We are a close-knit team that treats each other as family, each passionate about building homes for other families. We believe in experiencing life, traveling, and educating ourselves on trends while bringing our own unique vision to your project. Denali’s team strives to build long-lasting relationships with each client. It’s that connection that makes working with Denali a truly meaningful experience.

What are some of your favorite trends in new construction?

Requests for more modern and clean-lined architecture is at the forefront. We will always hold true to timeless design and incorporate that in any style; however, the tired traditional designs are falling to more unique personalities for home architecture. It is exciting to see the region embracing a more contemporary flair, warming it up with industrial metals, reclaimed woods, and unique finishes.


Photography by Erica Loeks