Artisan Home Tour by Parade of Homes

Housing First Minnesota is proud to present the Artisan Home Tour by Parade of Homes. With more than 70 years of experience presenting the nation’s largest Parade of Homes tours, Housing First Minnesota launched the Artisan Home Tour in 2014 to showcase homes designed and constructed with the highest level of architectural integrity, top-quality craftsmanship, and exceptionally high finish level. These multi-million-dollar residences from the region’s most exclusive homebuilders and remodelers also feature today’s most popular designs, materials, accessories, and colors. Whether new or remodeled, these are all incredible residences that truly combine artistic vision with master craftsmanship and do it perfectly.

In 2023, the tour was expanded from an annual summer event to a semiannual event with tours every June and October.

Each home on the tour has been built by a member of the association. These members must sign a code of ethics and have access to valuable resources and information to support their business.

Partial proceeds from the Artisan Hour Tour help to support the work of the Housing First Minnesota Foundation.

Housing First Minnesota

Housing First Minnesota is a trade association that is the leading voice for Minnesota’s housing industry. Housing First Minnesota represents more than 900 builders, remodelers, and housing industry members in the region, with a mission to help grow homeownership opportunities for all Minnesotans.

You may know us best for our home tours, the Parade of Homes, Remodelers Showcase, and Artisan Home Tour. These tours bring over a hundred thousand visitors to each tour to see and experience the latest in new homes and remodeling and to connect with the professional builders and remodelers who help make the Twin Cities one of the most desirable metro areas in the nation.

Our modern and comprehensive advocacy program engages policymakers at the local and regional levels to help provide homeownership opportunities for all Minnesotans.

Our Minnesota’s Green Path program is designed to help homeowners understand the energy efficiency of their homes and give them the confidence that comes with independent, third-party testing.

Housing First Minnesota Foundation

The Housing First Minnesota Foundation is the charitable arm of Housing First Minnesota and is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization composed of supporters who contribute and volunteer their expertise and time to end homelessness.

The Foundation partners with reputable nonprofits that are in need of additional capacity to house and provide services to people experiencing homelessness. We then tap the talents and resources of the association’s member builders, remodelers, suppliers, and volunteers to build, renovate, or repair shelter housing facilities in the Twin Cities area. Stable and quality housing not only helps our individuals, families, veterans, and communities but provides a much-needed base for further economic growth within the Twin Cities area.

By purchasing a ticket to tour the Artisan Home Tour, visitors are helping support the Foundation’s mission to end homelessness in Minnesota.

To learn more about the Housing First Minnesota Foundation or contribute to its projects, please visit