Swanson Homes

Curt & Blake Swanson

Curt Swanson and his talented team of home building professionals have continued to excel in extraordinary design, finest quality craftsmanship and are committed to building a luxury custom home perfectly fit for your family’s lifestyle. Most people can imagine their ideal home, but few, aside from architects, engineers, and home construction experts, know how to bring a blueprint to life. By utilizing Swanson Homes as your home builder, you’ll have a team on your side to transform the details you want into legitimate plans.

What got you started in custom homebuilding?

My father had a successful career in the construction industry, fostering a pathway for me to build on his legacy.

What makes you most proud to be a builder?

Continuing and enhancing the family tradition of being the trusted design and build partner for our clients before, during and after the close. Experiencing the excitement that our clients have as they move into their new home, especially after being a part of the design and build process, is truly a rewarding feeling.

What are some of your favorite trends you’re seeing this year? 

We are showcasing some new 2018 home trends in our Artisan Home that we are excited about—organic textures like woodgrain and stone, as well as clean, neutral colors like black, beige, gray and white. Advanced in-home technology like Alexa, which features options like light, sound and security control by voice commands.

What do you think are some of the most important elements of a successful build team?

A successful build team is able to thoroughly understanding the client’s vision for a new home, and serving as a trusted partner and open communicator throughout the entire design & build process.

How would you describe your build style?

Our focus is centered on providing an all-encompassing solution in the pursuit of building a home uniquely tailored for each of our clients. In addition to our professional building experience, the abilities our talented design team enables us to offer a boutique-styled approach to the entire process.


Photography by Erica Loeks