Mikan Custom Homes, LLC

Ryan Jones & Mike Youngs

Photo by Meghan Doll Photography

What sets your company apart?

At Mikan, we feel we offer a unique opportunity where one of the two owners manages each project. We feel that allows us to make decisions on the spot without having to deal with a chain of communication where things could get lost. All our clients know that they can reach out to either Mike or Ryan at any time to talk through whatever questions they may have.

What inspires and influences your work?

Our work is inspired by the clients and designers that we work with. At Mikan Custom Homes we like to be both flexible and diverse in the style of work that we do. We treat every project as a blank canvas that is developed and designed by the entire team involved in the building process.

What do you wish others knew about your company?

The thing that drives us more than anything else is the relationships that we build with our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with spaces in which they can make lifelong memories. Nothing makes us happier than when we get invited back to enjoy these new spaces with our clients. Being able to go through a build or remodel with a client and keep that relationship is something that is at the core of our company and which we strive for on every project.