Hendel Homes

Rick & Amy Hendel

Rick and Amy Hendel, owners of HENDEL Homes, have built an impressive list of exceptional homes and a well-deserved reputation for making their clients exceedingly satisfied and overjoyed. But that’s only part of what makes this couple special. Their philosophy of putting faith and family first, and then their career, helps them stay balanced, while their love (and innate talents) for design and construction literally shine through every project.

The couple didn’t start out to become one of the area’s outstanding builders. Rick assumed he’d follow his family into medicine, graduating college in pre-med and pursuing medical school. But he felt pulled back into building, architecture and design, having worked in the building trades as he was going through school.

Amy states, “That experience, plus a big dose of natural artistic talent gave Rick a unique perspective on building. He can see 3D in his head and then draw it, which has led him to be very creative in designs.”

Rick opened Hendel Homes in 1997. Amy, who was working as an IT Consultant and Project Manager started out doing the company accounting in the evenings. During their discussions about their company, Amy began to use her own design skills, which she had studied in college.

In 2004, the Hendels formally changed life direction. Amy says, “After our first child was born, we decided to switch gears and focus on being in business together, bringing our talents and skills together for the company.” In the ensuing decade, Rick and Amy have constructed and remodeled many of the region’s most exquisite homes, and created a solid business they both love. Their business philosophy revolves around acknowledging every client’s individual style and leading a team that understands how to carefully implement high quality construction with detailed design.

“We try to sense people’s personalities from the beginning,” Amy explains. “It’s important for us to ask questions and understand if a client is a little overwhelmed by the decision-making process. We can streamline and simplify the way their decisions are being made. Or, when a client loves being part of the process and wants to make every decision, we give them that option…it’s their legacy in-the-making”

While each client and every job is different, whether working with architects or interior designers, or as design-build projects, there are some things that don’t change. One is making sure the client understands the build process from beginning to end. To that end, Rick has created a comprehensive construction process map that lays out the entire process, including the steps handled by architects or designers.

The other constant, and what sets Hendel apart, is their attention to details and design — details that range from the authenticity of an architectural style to the exact finish and grain effect on a trim piece. “We are very interested in details,” remarks Rick. “We actually call it micro-detailing.” That detailing extends to everything you can see in a HENDEL home, and also to what you can’t see. “There are structural details we will not compromise on,” states Rick.

It’s clear that both Rick and Amy are having a lot of fun while creating beautiful, authentic and detailed homes for their clients. They have been featured in local and national publications as well as in books on design. They’re also making a lot of friends along the way, which was summed up by one of their clients who said, “The thing that I’m sad about most is that our project is coming to an end and I won’t see [Rick and Amy] as much.”

Written by Wendy Danks
Photography by Meghan Doll