Wooddale Builders, Inc.

Steve Schwieters

Wooddale Builders is proud to partner with leading Minnesota architects and a dedicated team of construction experts. In close collaboration with you, they can design and build the custom home of your dreams or provide large-scale remodeling services. Whether you desire a custom single-family home, custom townhome or custom villa, award-winning Wooddale Builders will create the living environment you envision—an oasis that reflects your unique personality, along with today’s newest innovations in home design. Their commitment to high-quality custom-home design and craftsmanship will create high value for you and your family.

What got you started in custom homebuilding?

I have a strong family history and I worked with my uncle. I eventually started my own framing company and then moved on to became a general contractor.

What inspires and influences your work?

Attention to detail.

How would you describe your build style?

Investing time to plan a home that incorporates our clients wants and needs. Continuous communication and adjusting the project throughout construction. We believe construction is an organic process.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their builder?

We have 43 years of experience in the business. Former clients’ satisfaction, not only by referrals and word of mouth, is huge for us and people appreciate our open and transparent system.

What are some of your projects or accomplishments you’re most proud of?

Hard work and dedication to building a reputation as a respected luxury home builder.

What architectural styles do you like best and why?

Always classic, either traditional or contemporary. Classic designs will be beautiful for decades to come.

What do others view as your signature in your homes?

Drawing on our history. Master woodworkers. Wooddale Carpentry & Cabinetry.

What figure in history or your past do you admire most and why?

My grandfathers and uncles who were all master carpenters.


Photography by Meghan Doll