Stonewood, LLC

Sven Gustafson

How did you get your start in custom homebuilding? 

The Gustafson family has been building for four generations—Sven’s great grandfather was a builder of barns, his grandfather was a builder and developer, and his father built custom homes throughout the Twin Cities. Sven grew up on job sites, learning and knowing that building homes would be his career.

What inspires and influences your work?

Great design and new ideas. But truly, our client’s vision for their new home is our inspiration. Learning how they live, hearing about their dreams, and their excitement for the project is what inspires us. We’re building their dream for their family. Our charge is to coach them and help them through the process.

How would you describe your build style?

We build to our client’s style. Each home is a unique prototype, designed and built for a specifi c family. We coach our clients through the design process—selecting an architect that understands and has a passion for the client’s aesthetic and architectural style, and then selecting an interior designer to work through the materials, palette, and furnishings.

What makes you proud to be a builder?

The long-term friendships that we create with our clients. We are blessed to work with some great families in the work that we do. We get to know them, their lifestyle, and their kids. Seeing them grow in their new home and seeing how our work impacts their family makes the work worthwhile and fun.

What are some of your favorite trends in new construction?

We like to be on the front end of advancements in construction science. Incorporating new heating and insulating technologies, home automation features, and products that will prove to be more durable and low maintenance is important to us.