Revision, LLC Remodeler

John Daly

Revision is the premier boutique remodeler in the Twin Cities area specializing in design & renovation. Their team’s unmatched vision and experience reawakens existing spaces to compliment your home. Their craftsmen bring your dreams to reality and their unique process makes it all happen as smoothly as possible. Recognizable luxury is within reach as Revision provides unmatched design and craftsmanship in balance with value.


How would you describe your build style?

My build style is to build smart. Do things the right way by searching to find the best outcomes in all decisions. Be open to entertaining different ideas and work collectively to create a great finished project.

Why do you think clients choose you as their remodeler?

There are two things that make us stand out in making a choice of working with us: One if our process and approach to a renovation project. The other is our team’s and trade partners’ energy and enthusiasm that brings a great project together.

What do others view as your signature in your homes? 

We remodel such a wide variety of ages of homes as well as architectural styles. Every project is its own prototype, and we work to respect that in our projects. No two projects are ever alike!


Photography by Meghan Doll