Artisan Home No. R20

Revision, LLC Remodeler

2105 Lake Road, Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota | 612-462-4000 | MN Lic #BC639027

Please Note: Remodeled homes are open three days only. Visit October 20-22.
Nestled among the picturesque surroundings of a serene lake, this enchanting home boasts a rich historical heritage as a classic lake cottage. Merging the cherished elements of its past with a contemporary twist, Revision’s latest addition elevates the living experience to new heights.

Step inside and you will be captivated by the seamless integration of historical charm and modern elegance. Immerse yourself in the carefully curated living space, exquisitely adorned with updated finishes that exude timeless appeal. From the new improvements of the interior finishes and the addition of the spacious garage, office, exercise room, and storage areas, every inch of this dwelling is thoughtfully designed to blend convenience with charisma.

Breathing new life into old-world charm, reclaimed millwork and doors have been repurposed in new locations throughout the home, infusing the interiors with an authentic artisan touch that celebrates the beauty of reclaimed craftsmanship.

The outdoor entertaining spaces are a testament to the art of harmonizing the past and the present. Relax and unwind in a stunning oasis that perfectly combines historical allure with a luxurious modern design to entertain large gatherings. A bi-fold window seamlessly connects the heart of the home to a captivating outdoor entertaining area, creating a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Every design choice has been meticulously curated to showcase a captivating blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Gas lanterns illuminate the exterior with a warm, inviting glow, exuding a classic charm that harkens back to a bygone era. Historical diamond grid windows merge the best of the past and present, artfully matched with new installations to preserve a link to the past while embracing contemporary living.

The renovation project encountered a host of obstacles, ranging from enhancing aesthetics to tackling critical structural improvements. Go behind the scenes to reveal how Revision conquered each challenge, ultimately crafting a timeless haven.

As you step into the home, you’ll witness how each challenge was an opportunity for Revision to showcase its expertise and passion for creating extraordinary spaces. From foundation to finishing touches, the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence have culminated in a home that stands as a testament to the power of a successful remodel.