Nor-Son Custom Builders

Matt Holmstrom, Andy Anderson & Eddie Near

Nor-Son was built on the principles of craftsmanship and confidence, and also cost intelligence—so that their clients’ high expectations are met without surprise. This process is unique to Nor-Son, and it’s how they’ve been able to deliver such an unusually high standard of customer service over the past 40 years. Your home is the single most important asset you will ever have. The team at Nor-Son believes their job is to build the best you will ever own.

What got you started in custom homebuilding?

Our founder’s passion to create and build. We’ve been building custom homes for 40 years. There was a need for better home builders in the construction industry. We really wanted to find a better way to build for a stress-free experience.

What inspires and influences your work?

Our clients. They give us inspiration and their goals influence our business. The clients we work for have a desire for creativity and expect a great experience throughout the entire design build process. With the rise in complexity required in high performance and custom home construction, busy homeowners need a multi-faceted team they can trust more than ever. We bring all the experts needed for a successful project together, early in the process, so the client gets the most value in their home.

 Why do you think your clients choose you as their builder?

In March, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary as a top builder in the Midwest. Our clients choose us for our proven process that produces successful outcomes and experiences. Providing good historical cost data allows clients to make decisions early in the process without compromising their design or their wallet. And you never know what gems will show up when design creativity and fiscal management unite.

What are some of your projects or accomplishments you’re most proud of?

We create family legacies and forever homes for our clients. We recently won Excellence in Construction ABC Contractor of the Year. We also won an ABC MN/ND Chapter Eagle Award for one of our custom homes.

What are some of your favorite trends you’re seeing this year?

Clean, simple architectural lines that continue to use timeless materials like wood and stone, with glass and metals introduced. Another favorite trend is the introduction of expansive openings of patio doors that open to the outside environment.

How would you describe your build style?

We build many different styles of homes that appeal to our clients. Anywhere from rustic log to modern and contemporary, Nor-Son builds it. We do not limit ourselves to one build style.

What do you think are some of the most important elements of a successful build team?

The most important element of a successful build team is getting everyone to the table as soon as possible. It is extremely helpful to have the person who is going to build the home sitting at the table during the entire design process. Your builder can help find you the best architectural designer, interior designer, project manager, site supervisor, estimator, vendors and craftspeople. The most important element toward project success is finding your builder first.

What makes you most proud to be a builder?

Watching our clients’ visions come to life, building long-term relationships with them, and creating memories for couples and families that last decades.


Photography by Meghan Doll