Artisan Home No. R22

Lecy Bros. Homes & Remodeling Remodeler

6 – 3rd Street, Excelsior, MN | 952-944-9499 | MN Lic #BC325555

Please Note: Remodeled homes are open three days only. Visit June 21-23.This charming Excelsior home situated on the shores of Lake Minnetonka received a renovation worthy of its status as a Heritage Preservation Site.

This lovely historic home has been designated a Heritage Preservation Site by the city of Excelsior’s Heritage Preservation Commission, which meant the homeowners and architecture team needed to work with the commission to get all exterior renovations approved.

A crumbling limestone foundation required the house to be temporarily suspended while it was replaced. Now, the exterior is crowned with a cedar shake roof and copper detailing and gutters, while a spacious wraparound balcony and back deck — outfitted with a cozy fireplace and several seating areas — provide plenty of room for outdoor entertaining.

A series of multiple remodels by different homeowners had created structural constraints that the experienced structural team overcame with creative and efficient design modifications.

Inside, a two-story curved staircase takes center stage, while wood panel details and luxurious lighting are installed throughout.

The expansive owners’ suite includes its own fireplace, sitting room, and turret room showcasing the home’s original stained-glass windows.

A subtle nautical theme of muted blues and grays is woven throughout the interiors, designed to accentuate the sweeping views of Lake Minnetonka seen through the home’s expansive windows.