Revision, LLC Remodeler

John Daly

Revision is the premier boutique remodeler in the Twin Cities area specializing in design & renovation. Their team’s unmatched vision and experience reawakens existing spaces to compliment your home. Their craftsmen bring your dreams to reality and their unique process makes it all happen as smoothly as possible. Recognizable luxury is within reach as Revision provides unmatched design and craftsmanship in balance with value.

John Daly, as Managing Partner of Revision, is as hands on as it gets. He is closely involved every step of the way in the remodeling process from conception to completion. Daly’s relationship with Stonewood began 12 years ago. With a college background in economics and business, he showed immediate talent in construction project management.

The Revision competitive edge is based on a long tradition of innovation and creative craftsmanship standards. The company has built a reputation for stellar product and service. This boutique remodeling and renovation business draws from a client base generally located in the western suburbs, Minneapolis and Edina, and is centered on larger remodeling projects.

“It is essential to us that our subcontractors are highly skilled, experienced in remodeling, and meet our exacting standards,” said Daly. “Some of our subcontractors have been with Stonewood for 30 years, and most work with both Stonewood and Revision. It is important our teams remain sensitive to clients’ daily routines and ensure good relationships throughout the remodeling process, which is so different from new construction. For example, when clients are living in the home while remodeling is going on, our hand-picked team creates construction barriers and convenient access paths to essential areas. We also install a BuildClean Dust Control System to maintain cleaner air quality and keep the living space livable,” he said.

Often, most homeowners choose to move out when a major remodel is underway. “The timeframe becomes so important in the planning and implementation of the project,” said Daly. “If you have moved out and are renting short term, for example, you want to know when you can reasonably move back in.”

The planning, design and building process is a fine-tuned service; as streamlined as it is personal. Honest guidance in terms of budget and what can be accomplished with the lot and home are essential. The process is totally transparent online to homeowners, project managers, designer and architect. Personal weekly meetings are valued, and in this age of technology, clients who travel out of state can easily check in online or by interactive conferencing.

“Referrals are the core of a remodeling business,” said Daly. “Another exciting part of our job is when we get repeat customers. A homeowner may have completed Phase 1 and now wants to begin Phase 2, 3 or even 4. Or someone may have bought a Stonewood-built home and wants to build an addition.”

Revision carries on the Stonewood philosophy of “Integrity, Character, Competency and Creativity.” Building practices and product quality are second to none. “Each project is a reflection of the very core of the client – we renovate their home, not just a house,” said Daly.


Photography by Meghan Doll