Pillar Homes Partner, Inc.

K.C. Chermak

Creating the Dream

Pillar Homes’ landmark 20th Anniversary in 2015 represents signature consistencies as well as agility to adapt to changing economic and market trends. Owner and President, K.C. Chermak, has guided his company to become one of the west metro’s most responsive and trusted custom builders, with homes designed specifically for each family in desirable locations.

Pillar Homes is a builder, remodeler and developer. The philosophy is the same for both custom building and remodeling: top standards in quality, detail and individual design. From one room to whole house, the focus is on modern comfort and function in designs that reflect the personality of the homeowners.

As K.C. puts it, “We start with the goals the family has for the home.” K.C. applies his own macro vision to the integration of the design process, taking into consideration for example, how best the home can take advantage of the sites, views and sun exposure.

The Pillar team guides clients through a patented selection process sets expectations for the homeowners and provides designers and building crews with important details so that they can concentrate on what they do best. Long-term relationships with designers, architects and building professionals are testament to outstanding teamwork and superb talent.

“We actually provide an environment to make design decisions in a relaxing and symbiotic process,” said K.C. “With a series of questions, we draw from the buyers’ imagination and creativity to develop a successful balance of form and function. As clients meet in our design center showroom with a designer and architect team, their ideas and preferences take shape, beginning with the home’s exterior. Homeowners don’t have to stress on making decisions on tiny details, because we have developed the framework for these. The result is that our clients can be thrilled with how their ideas have been brought to life.”

Written by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll