Michael Paul Design + Build

Michael Laumann & Tara Larosa

Creativity is the Forte at Michael Paul Homes

Founded with a simple principle, “Building with Purpose” is not just a tagline, it’s what drives the entire team at Michael Paul Design + Build. A decade and a half later, Michael Laumann’s vision is still as strong today as it was when he first discovered his passion for building homes.

Michael Paul Design + Build takes great pride in supporting each client through the entire build process, attending to each detail along the way, from the initial sketches to the momentous occasion when the finished house and homeowner come together for the first time. Leading by example, Mike insists his team demonstrate an unwavering dedication to every client, as well as their project. “We live in a society that demands immediate communication, and the building process is no different,” Mike reiterates as to why he remains so accessible to clients and is able to provide answers and make decisions so quickly.

A house becomes a home when it truly embodies the people that live in it. Regardless of budget, Michael Paul Design + Build does not believe that any homeowner should be forced to settle for cookie cutter designs or big box store clearance items. Calling on his days as a director of photography in the movie and music video industry, Mike further sets himself apart from other builders by bringing a creativity to every project, earning him many accolades over the years. “Our designs are unique,” Mike explains. “New and different, but with timeless appeal,” adding that, “it all comes down to the details. Beams in the ceiling, using materials in unique ways, creating different textures and designs.”

Over the years, as Mike’s rustic Arts & Crafts style has transitioned into cooler tones and cleaner lines, he has developed a new design style that is best identified as Modational, a blend of Modern and Traditional, using vintage inspiration to create modern habitation. In all that he does, homeowners will discover his subtle touches around every corner. Details that do not take anything away from a homeowner’s personal style and desires for a home, but rather details that further enhance the unique character that is the true signature of Michael Paul Design + Build.

“What I love best about the business is a satisfied customer, that rewarding look on their face is what makes everything worthwhile.”

Written by Michael Paul Design + Build
Photography by Meghan Doll