Virtual Tour of Artisan Home R15 with Ispiri

The Artisan Home Tour Remodeler’s Show opens this weekend! Come out to see six newly remodeled homes join the line-up on the Fall 2023 Artisan Home Tour. With exceptional design and construction, these are some of the best remodels the Twin Cities has to offer. Follow along as we take a step through Ispiri’s Remodeled Home No. 15, located in Woodbury.

The kitchen expansion provides space for every meal, from a large dinner with family and friends to a quick breakfast before running out the door. A cook’s every need is fulfilled: the gas stove, a built-in island sink, oven and microwave directly next to the large fridge. The marble island has been extended to provide seating for 7, and with the addition of high cushioned chairs, who even needs a dining table? Each piece in the kitchen shifts naturally between white and gray, providing a seamless transition to each element.

Although most people no longer employ butlers, a butler’s pantry is still a necessity in an Artisan Home. A butler’s pantry is an area located between the kitchen and the dining to use as drink prep and food storage. This one has a  drink fridge specifically for guests, with decorative glasses above and counter space to keep extra food while the guests eat and chat in the dining room. There are even drawers for extra utensils or napkins should a guest need one.

The main living room, located near the kitchen on the first level, is designed specifically for comfort. The sofas are soft and perfect to sink into. These homeowners have stuffed them with pillows and blankets, so anytime you sit down, you will have everything you need to curl up and get cozy! The display cases to the side showcase the homeowner’s favorites, from books to photos or even a record collection. Above the TV is a mantlepiece, where a beautiful modern art piece graces the viewer’s eye.

Although the lower level is set with a main living room, of course, this nook off to the side is designed specifically for the kids in the house. The TV is perfect for playing video games or watching movies, and the cabinetry below is filled with all the equipment necessary. The storage unit to the side provides ample space for games, toys, or whatever else your children and their friends may enjoy.

If the kids get their own gaming area, why shouldn’t the adults? A pool table provides great entertainment for an evening with friends. Strike up a tournament, and whoever isn’t playing can make cocktails at the bar! There is room for all your favorite spirits. This bar also comes with a fridge to store any extra ingredients you need to make the perfect cocktail: lemons and limes, cherries, ice, orange peel.