The House Dressing Company, Inc. Remodeler

Terry & Tim Hughes

The House Dressing Company, (HDC), is a second-generation family of home building and remodeling experts. Their goal is to continue to create lasting architecture with smart design and creative details. They take a very up close and personal approach to every aspect of their work from the design phase, through the finite finishing touches. They love the creative process and the relationships they form with their clients.  They love what they do!

What got you started in remodeling?

We grew up in the world of remodeling and real estate. Our parents started HDC in 1983. They were flipping homes and contracting projects. We were very involved, working with the different trades as summer jobs during high school and college. In 1995 & 1996 we both started our own contracting companies, sharing a family of sub-contractors between the three companies. In 2007 after ten successful years of running those companies, as our parents were starting to think about retirement, we decided to come together under one name, House Dressing Company. Houses are in our blood, whether building new or remodeling existing homes – we love what we do!

What inspires and influences your work? 

We are continually inspired by the creative process. Every day, every project and every client represent a new, unique set of challenges and we thrive on meeting and overcoming these challenges!

How would you describe your remodeling style?  

Detailed! Whether building a new home or remodeling an existing home—whether contemporary or traditional, we take the same meticulous approach. Attention to detail within the home and within the relationships with homeowners and designers is the blueprint to our success.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their builder? 

We consider ourselves not just general contractors, but rather personal contractors. Though we have done little advertising in the years past, our clients recognize this personal, and yet very detailed approach and feel comfortable recommending us to their friends, family and neighbors.

What do you wish others to know about your company?

We want people to know that we have a unique approach to building and remodeling—and it works! Unlike most builders and remodelers, we [Terry and Tim Hughes] are involved in every aspect of the project. The homeowners’ wishes and visions, the architectural details, the designer touches, etc. are not lost in the transfer from a sales team to an estimator or from the general contractor to the project managers or sub-contractors. We are the sales team, estimators, project managers and “Personal Contractor” and we will be sure nothing is forgotten or left behind and that your vision is fully realized!


Photography by Meghan Doll