Ridge Construction

Mark & Rob Michals

What sets your company apart?

Size! As a small company, Rob and Mark are not only owners, but also project managers. This allows each build to get special management attention from an owner.

How would you describe your team’s approach to a new project?

I’d describe our approach as a collaborative process between homeowner, architect, and builder. Getting this team established early in the design process leads to a successful build.

How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

It all starts with great design. We have really good working relationships with several top architects.

What are the most important elements of a successful build team?

The most important element of a successful build is having the right people on the team. We’ve spent the last 15 years vetting the best suppliers, craftsmen, and mechanics that not only perform the highest quality work but are reliable and a good value.

What do you enjoy most about building custom homes?

Our favorite part of building a custom home is the creativity and collaboration of working with talented designers. No two projects are alike.

Photo by Meghan Doll Photography