NIH Homes, LLC

Colt Skogquist, Jeremy Skogquist, & Chad Skogquist

Chad, Jeremy, and Colt Skogquist grew up in the building industry helping their father, Larry, put up drywall. That was more than two decades ago when Larry owned a drywall business. Today the three brothers are part owners of the artisan home building company their father started in 1989, New Innovation Homes (NIH Homes).

After graduating high school, all three of Larry’s sons pursued a different aspect of the homebuilding business. Chad took business management courses and today serves as job superintendent for NIH Homes. Jeremy pursued architectural design and today leads sales and marketing. The company controller, Colt, studied estimating and construction management.

In 2003, Larry’s sons officially became owners of the business, each with 15-percent ownership. As president, Larry continues to run the 15-employee company, which includes full-time framing and trimming carpenters who keep close tabs on quality control.

“My father oversees everything,” says Jeremy. “Chad is in charge of the all the field employees and is at the job site every day. I work with customers before they sign the purchase agreement, during the construction process, and during the warranty period. Colt spends most of his time in the office working with budgets.”

Bringing his three sons into the business helped Larry grow the company, while focusing on what the team does best. “When my brothers and I started in the business, we were building more of the middle-range homes,” notes Jeremy. “When we bought into the business, we were starting to build the higher-end homes, and we’ve since grown into executive, luxury-level homes.”