Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Kyle & Laurie Hunt

What are the most important elements of a successful build team?

A successful project team has aligned values. With shared values of thoughtful design, craftsmanship, and quality being prioritized over size and quantity, we find the most successful team results for the client. A rewarding project starts with a relationship of trust and respect with all team members.

What inspires and influences your work?

There is no lack of inspiration for our work, every team member at Kyle Hunt & Partners brings bright, new ideas to the table each day. What is most inspiring, is participating in the process with our clients and the full team assembled around them as we work together to provide creative solutions catered specifically to their lifestyle and personalities.

What do you enjoy most about building custom homes?

We find so many stages of building custom homes gratifying from the initial on-site meetings to the development of architect’s sketches into unique homes tailored to each client. Seeing the selections come together as the project progresses is so exciting. Most of all, the joy of the families living in their homes is the greatest reward. We take pride in providing services to our clients many years after their home is completed as we support them through life’s changes ensuring their homes adapt to their needs.

How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

We find this to be a natural process. At Kyle Hunt & Partners, we see ourselves as your guide throughout the project. It is a priority for us to know and understand our clients and the patterns of their lives; how they live, gather, and relax. Each project is unique, yet our mission remains consistent – to build a home that is a true reflection of our client’s lifestyle and values.

How did you get started in the building industry?
Kyle was introduced to the building industry at a young age, working alongside his father, who was a builder. Following his college education, he began his career as a site supervisor for a local custom builder. Laurie pursued her interest in business and interior design, joining a luxury builder in Edina. Our paths crossed at a builder convention in 1989, where we discovered a shared passion for building architecturally designed homes. Fueled by this vision, we established Kyle Hunt & Partners in 1990 to build highly crafted homes and strong, lasting relationships with our clients and craftspeople; building homes that become a timeless part of the communities and neighborhoods that we all enjoy.

What sets your company apart?
What distinguishes our company is our unique approach and unwavering dedication to integrity. We prioritize our clients’ needs as if they were our own, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind. Versatile in our craft, we apply our knowledge of quality craftsmanship to a variety of architectural styles. We believe in crafting timeless, enduring homes that are meant to be cherished and passed down through generations.

How would you describe your team’s approach to a new project?
Organized, thoughtful, and enjoyable. Kyle Hunt & Partners adheres to a structured process, maintaining clear communication at every stage. With over 33 years of experience, we offer clients unwavering support and expertise, ensuring enduring quality in both construction methods and materials. By fostering good communication and organization, we cultivate trust between our clients and the team, aligning our efforts towards achieving their ultimate goal of exceptional results.

What are some of your favorite trends and styles in new construction?
Kyle Hunt & Partners is always monitoring innovative materials and construction processes that can increase our quality of work. However, trends in style are something we are cautious about. Our goal is to give every client a home that embodies their values and transcends market trends that come and go. We find this when working with natural products along with experienced architects and designers who pride themselves on timeless work.

Photo by K.E.A. Photography