JMS Custom Homes, LLC

Jeff and Nancy Schoenwetter

Simple, Predictable, and Stunning

When JMS Custom Homes delivers to homeowners their new home, they inevitably hear, “Thank you so much.” JMS attributes the heartfelt thanks to having provided its clients with a predictable experience and outstanding value.

“The business of building homes is simple. You do what you say you are going to do. You deliver on time and on budget,” says Jeff Schoenwetter, who owns and runs Hopkins-based JMS Custom Homes with his wife, Nancy.

“People really appreciate that we are on time, on budget, with no surprises. It sounds boring, but this is the biggest investment of their life, and there’s a huge difference between someone being disappointed and someone being genuinely pleased,” says Schoenwetter.

Of course, JMS Custom Homes delivers a lot more than predictability. Over decades, the Schoenwetters have built many homes in the Southwest metro area.

JMS has highly experienced staff, including an in-house designer (ASID affliated) and drafter. “We provide a very consistent experience on a highly customizable platform. Some call it “optionality” — choices are great!” JMS excels at customizing its homes to its building sites.

JMS Custom Homes’ design-build process takes about six months, which is quicker than some build timetables. That’s because Schoenwetter has perfected the art of tailoring the home. The company customizes the exterior and interior of the homes by making conventional elements extraordinary.

For example, instead of just installing crown-molding flush to the ceiling, JMS might drop it 1.5 inches, then tuck rope lighting controlled by a dimmer switch behind the molding. On a cloudy day, the homeowner can turn the dimmer on high for functional lighting and turn it down at night to create a soft, romantic ambiance. “Instead of just doing a vaulted ceiling. We do a vault with personality,” he says.