JB Woodfitter Homes, LLC

Jena (Kowalski) Sura & Adam Sura

What do you enjoy most about building custom homes?

We love seeing the excitement of the homeowners throughout the various stages of construction. In the end, nothing is more rewarding than turning the keys over to a satisfied client whose expectations we have exceeded. We spend a great deal of time with our clients, and in turn, strong relationships are formed. It may be the client’s home while they live there, but it will always be a JB Woodfitter home. We take great pride in the homes we construct.

How would you describe your team’s approach to a new project?

Starting their new custom home project is very exciting for homeowners, and we strive to ensure it’s a smooth process. Trust and open communication between homeowners and our team is the start of a strong foundation for each new project. Each homeowner has their own unique expectations for their custom build. At JB Woodfitter, we strive to exceed all expectations every step of the way. At the initial meeting, we explain who JB Woodfitter is as a builder, our history, the construction process, and introduce our dedicated team assigned to this specific project. Building a custom home is a very personal process, and, in some cases, can extend past two to three years depending on land acquisition, architectural drawings, home size, and, if selected, exotic material imports. Building trust and establishing open communication is how we lay the groundwork for each project.

What sets your company apart?

JB Woodfitter Homes is both a family- and United States military veteran-owned and -operated builder. We have a highly skilled team that guides clients through every step of the custom home construction process. We take pride in our name and history in the homebuilding industry. Our team cares deeply and works tirelessly to create dream homes for the clients we work with. We partner with the best craftsmen in the industry so we can construct superior-quality homes with impeccable attention to detail and finishing.

What inspires and influences your work?

Our homeowners are the center of each project and our source of inspiration. We take the time to truly listen and understand how the home and the land it is situated on need to function for the unique lifestyle of the client. Turning ideas into reality is incredibly rewarding. Alongside Adam and Jena Sura, who stay personally involved in every project, our in-house designers and project managers work with the clients to make sure their home reflects their personalities. We enjoy the challenges that each unique home brings.

How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

Depending on what information the client has determines our starting point for bringing their vision to life. We start by meeting the client and learning about where they are at in the planning process and land acquisition. Some clients come to us with an architectural plan and a piece of land that is ready for construction. Other clients come to us looking for guidance from the very initial steps in planning. At the end of the day, communication and teamwork are key to bringing the vision to life. Our dedicated and highly trained team is ready to offer our professional guidance and assistance.

As a part of the JB Woodfitter construction experience, each client will be assigned one of our dedicated in-house designers and project managers to work with throughout the architectural design and construction process. The designer will attend all selection meetings and, alongside the project manager, attend site walkthroughs to ensure the client’s vision is being executed to the highest level. Designers are there to provide the level of support and design influence each homeowner desires. Some homeowners come to us with very specific details and ideas, and it is our job to source all the correct materials to make their idea a reality. Other homeowners come to us looking for ideas and inspiration. They may not have a direction for aesthetic design or layout in mind. For these homeowners, we show them a variety of possibilities and ideas for a starting point and help guide them in determining the style that they love. Project managers are on-site daily and work with the designer and subcontractors to ensure all aspects of construction are completed with the utmost care and accuracy. Additionally, they plan and schedule each stage of construction and ensure the project is completed on time.

Day in and day out, our entire construction team is dedicated to making sure all our homeowners have a home they truly love.

What are the most important elements of a successful build team?

A successful build team is composed of several characteristics with communication, trust, and teamwork being at the top. Our team is composed of more than JB Woodfitter employees. The most important member of each build team is the client; this is their home and vision. They are the final decision-makers. Next to homeowners, our team also includes all the highly skilled subcontractors, craftspeople, and reputable vendors we have chosen to work with over the years. They have proven to be industry leaders with high-level expertise and superior attention to detail within their scope of work. The JB Woodfitter team is composed of individuals who are honest, trustworthy, hardworking, goal-oriented, and operate with the ‘can-do’ attitude. We thrive by setting each other up for success and exceeding client expectations. From the initial client meeting to handing over the keys, each member of the JB Woodfitter team plays a pivotal role in the successful custom home building experience for clients.

What are some of your favorite trends and styles in new construction?

We are loving the thoughtfulness that is going into each home. Homeowners are coming to us with specific needs for their families and want spaces designed to fit. The trends that tend to stand the test of time are based on functionality, rather than aesthetics alone. Many of our clients are including dual-purpose spaces. Others are looking into environmental sustainability and energy-efficient options. We love helping clients move towards using 100% of their own energy, and we find great satisfaction in utilizing green building practices and materials whenever possible. We are also seeing a variety of entertainment areas integrated into homes. From walk-up bars to sport courts, we are loving it all. The resurgence of the butler’s pantry is another very popular trend. Creating thoughtful spaces that function well for our clients is more than just a trend. It’s one of the bases for each home design.

Photo by Meghan Doll Photography