Hartman Homes, Inc.

Mike Hartman

Mike Hartman was made for building. He’s one of those good, honest, salt-of-the-earth kind of men with a passion for his industry. Working outside, creating things, watching homes take form—that’s what building is all about. Add to this a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit, and you’ve met the man behind one of the most well-established custom builders in the Midwest.

Mike started Hartman Construction in 1985 in his hometown of Alma, WI. What began primarily as a roofing and remodeling business quickly grew to framing and then custom home building and land development. Today, the company (now Hartman Homes Inc.) works mostly throughout the Twin Cities Metro and Western Wisconsin. They’re known as a diverse building company in all markets from single family and re-build construction to luxury homes. Their specialty is in their diversity. No project is too big or too small; you’re going to get excellent architecture and quality service all around.

Part of the Hartman Homes charm is that, despite major growth, they haven’t strayed far from their roots. “We’re just the right size company,” explains Mike. “We’re small enough to offer truly hands on service with one-on-one interaction, yet large enough that we can manage all of our clients needs.” And in the luxury home market, this means that there are no limitations to what Hartman Homes can create.

One thing you can come to expect from Mike Hartman is a one-of-a-kind home. “I’m not a production-builder kind of guy,” he explains. “Everything we make is unique, and in the luxury market we’ve created homes that nobody could possibly dream up more than once.”

Hartman Homes’ Cape Cod style home on the St. Croix River was selected as a Dream Home in the 2012 Fall Parade of Homes Tour. They also constructed a modern home on Lake of the Isles last year that was a true masterpiece known for its intricate design and interior detailing, and all other projects follow suit. Photos of both homes can be found on their website.