Great Neighborhood Homes, Inc.

Margaret & Scott Busyn

Great Neighborhood Homes is what you’ll get when you work with Scott and Margaret Busyn. This husband and wife duo specialize in building and designing new construction in historic neighborhoods and hot spot locations like Edina and the Minneapolis Lakes Area.

When you rebuild in well-established neighborhoods, maintaining the integrity of the lot and the respect of surrounding neighbors is vital. It’s no wonder then that Scott and Margaret are long time residents of the neighborhoods they build in. “We’ve lived in Edina since 1991 and maintain a high standing relationship with the neighbors and city staff,” Scott explains.

The goal in every luxury home they build is to create a high value product in four major areas: location, design appeal, quality and interior detail. The couple’s ‘turnkey’ approach makes the entire experience easy and their boutique style design means that, even though the process is streamlined, your home is truly unique. “Every home we create is different, but we’ve got a streamlined model that makes the selection process really enjoyable,” explains Margaret.

Their online selection system is one of the ways they help clients manage all of the details. The system allows homeowners to store selection ideas, look up schedule details and manage updates in one spot. The personal touch, however, is not lost. Scott and Margaret make the experience unforgettable. While Scott manages the company’s marketing and handles the construction, architecture and building management side of things, Margaret puts the icing on the cake.

She’ll walk you through the design and selection process, helping to create the finishing touches that people notice. “My goal is to provide our client with the latest in design and function, and we pride ourselves in creating timeless architecture and car-stopping curb appeal,” she adds.

If you’ve ever driven through their neighborhoods, you’ll know what she’s talking about. The exterior detail on each home is second to none and the company’s respectful approach to each neighborhood site they build in is held in high esteem. “Our job is to look at the entire picture,” Margaret explains. “We make sure the home isn’t oversized on the lot. Solid architecture that is timeless and fitting for the neighborhood is our focus, while designing an interior that is seamless in form and function is our specialty.”

Great Neighborhood Homes only crafts a few homes each year. This allows them to effectively handle every detail in the custom build/design process. Personalized attention, and a lot of hand holding, makes this possible. “The most important thing to us is listening to our clients,” Scott indicated. “Each client has a different idea of what their home should be. We help guide the client and make their dream a reality.” Transparent communication—making sure there are no surprises—is their policy.

Scott and Margaret understand that when you live in a great neighborhood that you love, your home should be a reflection of this as well. Their greatest strength is providing great homes in great neighborhoods with truly happy homeowners. The community is abuzz when Great Neighborhood Homes starts their work, and the end result speaks for itself.

Photography by Meghan Doll