Why Minnesotans Love the Artisan Home Tour

For the past 10 years, the Artisan Home Tour has been a widely anticipated event across the Twin Cities! Minnesotans love to see the time and talent that builders and remodelers have put into these exceptional homes. During the 10th year of the tour, we are taking a look back on all the reasons why builders and homebuyers alike enjoy the tour year after year.

There’s a place for everyone

Part of the beauty of the Artisan Home Tour is that it is open to everyone. Whether you are interested in buying a home, remodeling your current home, or just looking for a way to spend an afternoon, there is a spot for you!

Your imagination can run wild

Whether you are in the market for a home of Artisan caliber or just ready to get inspired, it is fun to imagine yourself living in a multi-million-dollar house. “When I was a little kid, I would go along with my parents to the Parade of Homes in Chicago. You would dream,” said Amy Hendel of Hendel Homes. “I think that’s fun for people, whether or not they can afford it. To be able to walk through a home like that is incredible.”

Even if you’re not looking for an Artisan home right now, the tour is an opportunity to find design ideas or connect with tradespeople that can take your current house to the next level!

Everyone is thoughtful and supportive

The people who work on the Artisan Home Tour are some of the kindest people you’ll meet. “To be in a tour that’s so successful and continues to build for 10 years is a testimony to the people that put it on. Housing First Minnesota is such a strong organization, and its support for builders is incredible,” Hendel said.

The builders and remodelers are experts in their field and are kind, helpful, and talented! Their goal is to create their client’s dream home — and they’re passionate about infusing each project with artistry.

It fosters community within both builders and homebuyers

The housing market can grow competitive, both among builders and between buyers vying for the same home. The Artisan Home Tour is an opportunity for builders to showcase projects they’re proud of and share ideas for tour-goers. One thing’s for sure, everyone involved is a fan of exceptional home design!

“As builders, we all compete against each other, yet we get together and we work hard to make an event that we can all be successful at,” said Curt Swanson of Swanson Homes. “You get to know the other builders and you appreciate what they do. I think it helps make for a much better housing environment for the Twin Cities.” We hope to continue to foster this positive environment and provide homeownership opportunities for everyone.

The Artisan Home Tour strives to foster a community between homebuyers, builders, and remodelers. It is a place to dream and imagine the life you’ll love to live! Come check out the Artisan Home Tour for yourself for an afternoon filled with great people and exceptional craftsmanship.