Pool Party: Inspiring Artisan Pools

The lavish homes found on the Artisan Home Tour boast detailed craftsmanship and luxurious design. Minnesota is known for its drastic changes in seasons, and there is nothing like spending the summer relaxing by an artisan-quality pool. Outdoor pools provide space for socializing and relaxation while soaking in the sun. Each pool featured on the Artisan Home Tour is a reflection of the owner’s individual style, incorporating unique finishes and details. Let’s explore some inspiration from the Artisan Home Tour builders!

Charles Cudd // Landmark Photography

If you have children or grandchildren, you may want to consider a pool with a few extra features. A simple diving board like this pool by Charles Cudd has can keep them entertained for hours. Large windows in the house and a walk-out patio make this pool perfect for hosting parties, as you can move indoors and out, all while keeping an eye on the kids. Spacious walkways around the pool provide room for poolside chairs to relax, read, or work on your tan.

Are you interested in a pool but unsure if you’re ready to give up your lawn? Frontier Custom Builders has the perfect design for you. Instead of replacing your beautiful, rich grass with concrete to make space for pool chairs and tables, you can limit the edging around the pool to leave plenty of space for the rest of your lawn. This striking balance allows you to have the fun and relaxation that comes with a pool, while maintaining the feel of a traditional lawn.


Denali Custom Homes // Landmark Photography

Designed with indoor-outdoor living as the star of the show, this modern beauty from Denali Custom Homes showcases plenty of outdoor patio and pool space, plus an amazing pool lounge and warm fire features.


Swanson Homes // Landmark Photography

This outdoor pool by Swanson Homes transforms this Artisan home’s backyard into a serene haven. The lively flowers and plants scattered around the pool create a rich, cultivated feel, complemented by the exquisite lawn that remains around the pool area. Poolside chairs and couches encompass the pool, with thick padding to achieve maximum comfort. The amount of seating, along with the size of the pool, creates a perfect atmosphere for hosting large groups of people.