Designing Your Dream Kitchen with Artisan Destinations

If you’ve been out touring any of this fall’s Artisan Homes, you may have been awestruck by the masterful kitchens. As the heart of the home, kitchens are a place to host, to make memories, and to show off personal flair. Artisan kitchens are artfully designed, functional for cooking and eating, but also masterpieces of modern beauty.

So what flairs and features make an Artisan kitchen? If you’re looking to take inspiration from this fall’s tour and recreate designs in your own home, we’ve got the perfect formula for you. Whether you’re planning a full remodel or just want to incorporate a few details, here are some tips to take your kitchen to the next level.

Lighting Your Way

Ambiance is key. Selecting the right lighting combo will allow you to see every detail while cooking, hosting, and eating while also drawing the eye to the right design elements. Light fixtures also add an impactful personal flair to the heart of your home.


Hennepin Made specializes in hand-crafted lighting fixtures designed by a team of expert artisans. Since each piece is specially made, investing in a Hennepin Made light fixture means that your kitchen will feature a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind piece of art, to stay for years to come. Each glassblower at Hennepin Made takes a simple idea — a dream — and turns it into reality. Hennepin Made masterpieces will soon become centerpieces of your Artisan kitchen.

Book an appointment today to view Hennepin Made’s Glass Room and begin designing your personal masterpiece.

Tapping Into Tile

Choosing your backsplash may be the hardest decision you ever make—because it’s color scheme and design will have drastic impacts on your kitchen’s overall design. If your kitchen features white cabinetry and white oak flooring, a backsplash can be the perfect place to make a bold statement with a vibrant color and pattern. If you prefer bolder colors all around, tie the entire room together with a mosaic masterpiece.


For the best in tile, visit Mercury Mosaics located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each tile is individually crafted and handmade, from geo-hex patterns to Moroccan fish scale designs. They understand that tile should be both functional and beautiful. Their team of artisans will help you find and install the color and pattern that is right for you, your kitchen, and your way of life.

View Mercury Mosaics collection of tile to see each different shape and color.

Finishing Touches

It is the finishing touches that truly make a kitchen: the plates and glasses, cutlery, a rug next to the sink or your coffee maker by the stove. A kitchen should serve your every need for each meal of the day. The right products meld flair and function, adding both beauty and convenience to your space.


Your one-stop shop for all this—and more—is the Galleria. Located in Edina, Minnesota, the Galleria is home to the best in interior home design, small kitchen appliances, and cookware, with stores like Ampersand, Crate & Barrel, Design Within Reach, Interior Define, and Pottery Barn. Take a look around, find everything you need for your kitchen, and grab a bite to eat at their restaurants before you leave!

Check out the stores located at the Galleria.

Mix It Up

For many of our Artisan homeowners, a wine rack or cocktail display case next to the kitchen is a must. A wine rack is the perfect place to display beautiful bottles and artistically designed glasses, both to use and for decoration. Even if your home has an in-home bar or wine cellar in the basement, the placement of an additional wine rack next to the kitchen makes for easy access on the main level of your home. For those that love crafting the perfect cocktail when hosting family and friends, additional open or closed cabinetry can house common drink supplies for regular use.

For all your mixology needs, check out Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or River Falls, Wisconsin. They provide access to the best spirits and liqueurs in the Midwest, sold both at Tattersall’s cocktail lounges and in retailers all across Minnesota. Take a look the next time you’re in need of ingredients for your next cocktail party.

Find a Tattersall distributer near you.

Tasty Treats

Kitchens aren’t complete without delicious meals to share! When you’re ready to host, grab a batch of goodies from Mon Petit Cherie bakery, a favorite of Stillwater residents. From pastries and pies to cookies and cakes, they have everything you could need to treat yourself and your friends. And not only are they delicious—these beautiful goodies make for the perfect centerpiece for your masterpiece kitchen.


View Mon Petit Cherie’s menu and stop by for breakfast!