Can’t-Miss Trends from the Fall Artisan Home Tour

This year’s fall Artisan Home Tour features the best the Twin Cities has to offer in style, design, architecture, and more. Throughout each of the homes, some features stand out above the rest as growing trends each homeowner is coming to love. To learn more about these trends, we’ve asked our sponsors for their pro tips on creating the best Artisan Home.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living has been growing more and more among Artisan homeowners, requiring homes that flow seamlessly from the indoor areas to outdoors. “Windows and doors are critical to providing this connection point at home while still serving as a source of abundant natural light and views,” comments Christine Marvin, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Marvin. “Windows are getting larger, and doors are getting bigger.”

Larger windows and doors create the illusion of being outdoors even while inside. The natural lighting from outside brightens the house, providing beautiful views year-round. To allow for these desires, Marvin has introduced the new Marvin Modern Multi-Slide Door, with glass panels of up to 6 feet by 12 feet.

Tip from the pro: “Balance aesthetics with functionality. Consider the architectural style of your home, your lifestyle and the overall look and feel you are hoping to achieve,” says Marvin.  “For example, think about which rooms would most benefit from increased light and at what times of the day. If you’re planning a home office renovation and work from home most days, lots of natural light could help with productivity and relaxation. Windows also play a crucial role in ventilation, so it’s important to consider styles that promote airflow and contribute to maintaining or regulating the temperature of your home.”

Modern Sophistication

Sophistication is an essential element in designing an Artisan-level home. Each home reflects the homeowner’s personality, combining elements that showcase their own style, while still maintaining that modern elegance that is the forefront of the Artisan Home Tour. “The trend toward white kitchens is evolving, with gray giving way to warm taupe, even soft beige tones. This transformation maintains the bright and airy feel while adding a touch of sophistication,” agrees Summer Kath, Executive Vice President of Design at Cambria. “The Scandinavian aesthetic is gaining popularity, featuring white oak cabinets paired with white stone surfaces that exude warmth.”

Tip from the pro: As the kitchen is one of the centerpiece rooms in an Artisan Home and perhaps the first place a guest may go to, it is the perfect room to showcase maximum sophistication. “When deciding on a material type for countertops, quartz continues to be at the forefront in terms of demand. The enduring popularity of quartz can be attributed to the continuously evolving styles and designs available,” Kath adds. Not only does quartz add this element of sophistication, choosing your favorite style and design will reflect your personality in the kitchen.

Innovative Technologies

You’ll notice that Artisan Homes feature the latest in home technology. Home tech is constantly evolving, with new developments meant to make the homeowner’s life easier. “Homeowners are looking to connect their various devices and appliances and want the ability to control them even when they aren’t home,” says Marvin.

The Marvin Home Automation Lock Status Sensor stays concealed in a window or door frame to let the homeowners know if their windows and doors are open or closed, providing peace of mind at all times. The Marvin Awaken Skylight is a smart skylight that offers built-in lighting that mimics natural light. It also tracks the weather and indoor air-quality, so it will open when the weather is nice or the house needs fresh air, and it will close in case of poor weather.

Tip from the pro: There are a lot of different home technologies out there, and it can be difficult to decide what to invest in. “When choosing windows and doors, I always recommend homeowners seek out experts early in the process. Your local building professionals and dealers are very familiar with the factors to consider to ensure you make a selection best suited for your home and lifestyle,” advises Marvin. By working with professionals, your home will quickly become your safe space for anything you need.