Artisan-Worthy Trends

Artisan Home Tour sponsors share what’s new and popular in windows, lighting, surfaces, and fixtures.

Nature immersion

As homeowners continue to crave a strong indoor-outdoor connection, windows and doors are increasing in size to open up entire walls of a home. “Today, windows and doors are critical to providing this connection point at home while still serving as a source of abundant natural light and picturesque views,” says Christine Marvin, chief marketing and experience officer at Marvin. Marvin’s new Elevate Bi-Fold door launched in March was created in response to this trend. Featuring a warm wood interior and durable fiberglass exterior, the glide-and-stack opening mechanism promotes scenic sightlines from interior to exterior.

Tip from the pro: When choosing windows, consider natural light, air, and views, and how these elements work together to enhance your existing lifestyle. “Think about which rooms would most benefit from increased light and at what times of the day,” says Marvin. For example, “if you’re planning a home office, lots of natural light could help with productivity and relaxation.”

Multi-sensory design

Interior design is elevated when it is engaging. Think: surfaces that invite touch, lighting that adds warmth, or plumbing fixtures that allow you to hear the water rushing through. This multi-sensory design trend “engages the five senses by incorporating tactile elements, such as glass, sound, and steam,” says Ferguson sales representative Paul Hable, pointing to products like the glass-front LG Studio Smart InstaView Door refrigerator, Kohler Moxie Speaker Shower Head with built-in wireless speakers, and steam showers. “Homeowners can create inviting and meaningful spaces that stimulate and delight the senses by integrating these products.”

Tip from the pro: Don’t shy away from incorporating elements of your personality in your décor. “Gone are the days when a homeowner can no longer express their personality when they plan to sell in a few years or worry about their home’s value when an unexpected move arrives,” says Hable. “This newfound flexibility has paved the way for more creative home designs and solutions, enabling homeowners to make the most of any space they own.”

Ferguson Enterprises

Mix-and-match materials

White is still a popular colorway for stone countertops—albeit with more gold and brown veining than previous years—but now homeowners are adding variety with multiple surface materials and finishes within a single space. This could look like “selecting natural stone on an island piece and a consistent quartz on the perimeter,” says Joel Dehmer, vice president of sales for Granite-Tops. Also, “using multiple material types with specialty finishes within the same room. We see many polished, honed, leathered, satin, and antiqued finishes from our suppliers.”

Tip from the pro: Educate yourself on the countertop product selection. “Do not just choose based off a color tone,” says Dehmer. “You do not want to be surprised with the staining or markings that may occur on a product after it’s been installed.”

Smart features

Natural light is known to increase happiness and improve sleep, so choosing windows that cater to the body’s need for vitamin D just makes sense. Enter: the Marvin Awaken Skylight, available through the Marvin Design Gallery by Shaw/Stewart Lumber Co. The first-of-its-kind skylight offers supplemental, tunable lighting—controlled via wall switch, app, or smart home system—that mimics the ideal color temperature of natural light, no matter the time of day or year, the home’s location, or the direction it faces. Opening on all four sides, with a hidden screen to keep bugs and debris out, the skylight promotes faster and more efficient air circulation, while integrated sensors close the window when rain is detected and sends an alert when the outdoor air quality is poor.  

Tip from the pro: Work with a professional. When you’re ready to select windows and doors, join your contractor on a visit to the Marvin Design Gallery and confer with the professional design staff. You’ll see the latest offerings from Marvin and feel the difference in quality, design, and craftsmanship.

Written by Taylor Hugo