Artisan Home No. R19

Oak & Arrow Homes Remodeler

5891 Sunrise Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota | 612-567-8895 | MN Lic #BC754754

Please Note: Remodeled homes are open three days only. Visit June 23-25.

Surrounded by beautiful, mature oak trees and views of Grass Lake, this unique property on Sunrise Drive draws you in immediately. The young homeowners were looking for a home that they could remodel to their style and accommodate their family of four. The result? A home filled with personality and reflective of how a home can be tailored to a family.

This whole-home remodel with a second-story addition provided the homeowners with a flexible floor plan that allowed them to incorporate elements into their home to better suit their needs. 

As you enter, you are greeted by a stunning metal and cable railing system that provides an airy addition to this style of home while adding a distinctive wow factor.

Space for the kids, an artist’s nook, a large kitchen for entertaining, and big windows to let in natural light all were included in the remodel design plan.

The mix of metals and woods and the unique light fixtures were purposely incorporated to invoke a warm and inviting feeling throughout the home.

The second-floor addition gives the homeowners a big missing element in the existing floor plan – enough room for their entire family. This addition is complete with an office, a bedroom, and a primary bedroom and bathroom.

The goal of the interior design was to keep a bright, fresh, Scandinavian feel. This was accomplished with sheetrock wrapped around the windows with minimal visual distractions. 

Natural maple was selected for the doors and windowsills to add a touch of warmth throughout.

The wall colors were chosen with purpose. Bold colors shine in spaces that are fun and have lighter use, but the main living areas are bathed in white to reflect the natural light and create a bright interior.