Timberidge Builders

Tara Larosa and Mike Laumann

Creativity is the Forte at Timberidge

“Mi casa es su casa—my house is your house,” they hospitably declare in Spain. Michael Laumann reverses that sweet sentiment. As owner of Timberidge Builders, “Your house is my house” is what drives the TLC with which he supports his clients through the entire process, attending to every last detail and desire until that momentous moment, after closing, when he watches clients enter their dream home, tears in their eyes, ready to move in.

Mike serves as the go-to man throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting when he transforms a client’s wish list into a sketch on a napkin, on through selecting exactly the right architect to flesh out the dream, and to communicating with those dreamers directly—not some “check with the boss” underling—on every phase. Mike’s wife and partner, Tara, with her designer’s eye, embodies the same passion for personal attention as she accompanies clients in search of the perfect tile, hardwood tone, color of paint, or even digging through piles of barnwood for just the right piece.

The Laumann’s have been building for over 14 years, and their referral based structure keeps them well-attuned to emerging trends and technology, which thrills clients. Each homeowner has a personal online binder for quick organization and communication—it’s even available as an app!

Affluent homebuyers won’t settle for a cookie cutter footprint nor run-of-the-showroom products, and that’s a prime reason Timberidge earns their accolades. Back in another lifetime, Mike was a director of photography and idea man for TV and film production, making movies and music videos. Today, that very creativity sets him apart from other high-end custom builders. He believes, “with my eye for composition, I can see several steps ahead, visualizing the end result…building your dream home. Our designs are unique,” he adds: “something new and different but with timeless appeal, which puts us in a category of our own. Our woodwork and finishes set us apart, along with our attention to detail. As a luxury home builder, it all comes down to those details: beams in the ceiling, creative woodwork, using different materials for unique and different textures and designs,” he explains.