Kootenia Homes

David Frosch

Maintaining Resale Value through Traditional Style

David Frosch’s love of drawing steered him toward a career as a drafter, which led him to his current profession designing high-end artisan homes. Soon after graduating from drafting school in 1983, Frosch accepted a position with Kootenia Builders, a custom building firm started in 1969 by Bob Eibensteiner.

“I started as a drafter for Kootenia Homes, but I soon realized that I had the ability and knack for designing homes,” says Frosch, who quickly moved into the general manager position for the company. “I took care of everything in the office, and Bob took care of everything in the field.”

In 1996, Eibensteiner semi-retired and Frosch bought Kootenia Homes, a Woodbury-based builder of high-end artisan homes in the $800,000 to $1.2 million range. “Bob wanted to slow down, and I was pushing to expand the company,” recalls Frosch. “When I purchased the company, Bob provided the financing and really supported the launch of Kootenia Homes.”

Eibensteiner retained the name Kootenia Builders and focused on the North Oaks market. When the housing bubble burst, the upper-end market in the east metro was hit particularly hard due to all the overbuilding that had occurred in the area. So Frosch put Kootenia Homes on ice and concentrated on Michael Lee Homes, his company that builds semi-custom homes in the $300,000 to $500,000 range.

This past fall, Frosch purchased Kootenia Builders, as well as the opportunity to get back into the North Oaks market and eliminate the confusion that having two companies operating under the Kootenia name had generated. He will run both firms under Kootenia Homes.