Charles Cudd Co., LLC

Rick Denman, Charles Cudd & John Sonnek

Leading with Expertise

For many years now, Charles Cudd has been a leading force in the luxury design/build segment of the Twin Cities market.  “My Dad, Herb Cudd, was a great builder in a small but bourgeoning western WI town where we knew most everyone. In a small town there is no hiding from the effects of poor workmanship or unhappy customers.  So all or our work had to be done right-period- no compromises, and all of our customers had to be happy – period.  These are great lessons to both learn and live with at an early age and it’s carried through every aspect of the work we’ve done over all these years.”

“The Cudd Co has always been a design driven firm because we believe – actually we know – the power of a beautifully designed home to have a tremendously positive impact on the daily lives of their owners. Great design evokes a deep emotional response and that is our goal on every home – every space – we create.”

Cudd presents their clients with a choice of two avenues – custom and portfolio.  If it’s a totally custom design, we start with the land itself, what it calls for and integrate that with an architectural interpretation of the clients’ needs, wants, and budget. “Clients can also choose a style from a beautiful portfolio of homes that can be adapted to fit their needs and suit the lot.”

Cudd obviously delights in the niche of the building business. “It’s great to be able to express yourself, to create beautiful things.”  We have an incredible core team that has been together for many years; they make it fun to come to work, we all share in the same values, and pursue the same great outcomes for our clients.”


Written by Carla Waldemar
Photos by Meghan Doll