Sicora Design Build Remodeler

Ron Sonnek

Sicora Design/Build is a full-service home remodeling firm founded in 2000, by Thomas Sicora. They specialize in providing timeless, customized design solutions for your renovation projects. Every home should function at its highest potential, and it is Sicora’s mission to find the solutions that will allow you to fall in love with your home all over again. From “concept to completion,” you will find that their design process is engaging and transparent, and their product, beautiful and cost effective. Experience what they call, the “Sicora difference”, as you work together to bring your ideas to reality!

How did you get your start in home remodeling?

Growing up on a dairy farm in the city of Minnesota Lake provided me with lots of opportunities to build tree houses and forts in the hayloft as well as help my dad with other projects. Being a farmer requires you to tinker and work with things until you figure out how to make them work correctly. This was my biggest influence in becoming the home remodeler that I am today.

How would you describe your remodeling style?

If I had to use one word, I would choose “timeless.” Not too trendy but done in such a way that people who visit our projects 10 years after completion still see a design that is classy and current.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their remodeler?

There are a few reasons that we hear over and over. First, our focus on a great customer experience. Providing a full-service design and build experience requires thinking on behalf of our clients by continuously offering the best curated options in design and construction. Next, creating three design options for each project. Sicora takes pride in creating designs that fit three different approaches at different price points: modest, moderate, and most. This allows our clients to see a complete landscape of designs with a price for each, and it allows clients to best control the cost of the project by choosing the features that they want to be incorporated. After the initial design meeting, we take client feedback and create a revised plan, incorporating the features desired. Finally, our in-house talent. Having in-house cabinetry, carpentry, painting, tile, and electrical allows Sicora to control our quality and timelines better than most.

What are the most important elements of a successful remodeling team?

A diverse background of design and construction is needed inside of a remodeling company to be successful in this complicated business. Sicora has a great blend of not only experienced construction and design professionals, but also newer team members that bring a fresh and current perspective to what we do. This is what allows us to best serve our customers.

What are some of your favorite remodeling trends?

Light and bright—I love spaces that allow natural light to move throughout.

What makes you most proud to be a remodeler?

Every home has the potential to bring joy and pride to those living there. Our job is to discover and unlock that potential.

How do you define an Artisan home?

A home that has attention to design, construction quality, and detail that strives to meet the highest of standards.


Photography by Erica Loeks