Sicora Design Build Remodeler

Ron Sonnek

Sicora Design/Build is a full-service home remodeling firm founded in 2000, by Thomas Sicora. They specialize in providing timeless, customized design solutions for your renovation projects. Every home should function at its highest potential, and it is Sicora’s mission to find the solutions that will allow you to fall in love with your home all over again. From “concept to completion,” you will find that their design process is engaging and transparent, and their product, beautiful and cost-effective. Experience what they call, the “Sicora difference” as you work together to bring your ideas to reality!

How did you get started in remodeling?

Remodeling our old farmhouse when growing up definitely sparked an interest for me. I always knew that I’d end up in some type of construction work, and it ended up working out that I found my niche in home remodeling.

What sets your company apart?

We’ve created a design process that focusses on showing our clients solutions in multiples of three. Sicora creates tiered floor plan solutions that meet the client’s needs and wants and are priced out at three different levels: lite, medium, heavy. This allows our client to see the full landscape of design options with an estimated cost provided for each design.

What are some of your favorite trends and styles in remodeling?

I’m starting to see some color come back into cabinets and tile selections. Even when it is subtle, I really appreciate seeing it!

What makes you most proud to be a remodeler?

Creating solutions for existing homes that affect people’s everyday lives. It is always gratifying to sit with a client at the end of a project and struggle to remember how the old house functioned.

What inspires and influences your work?

I’m inspired by the styles of the past and influenced by the lifestyles of today.

How would you describe your team’s approach to a new project?

Collaborative and thought-provoking. We will question and challenge the assumptions that you may have about your home.

What are the most important elements of a successful remodeling team?

The Sicora team is focused on communication and customer service. Without these skills, there is little chance of success in the remodeling business.

How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

Chief Architect has been a wonderful drafting tool that allows us to model the project for our clients during the design phase.

How do you define an Artisan home?

A home that features a level of design and craftsmanship that exceeds daily expectations in the industry.


Photography by Erica Loeks