OA Design + Build Remodeler

Michael Anschel, Beth Hendrickson, Scott Barsness, & Michelle Little

What mindset does one wish in a remodeler—left-brain or right-brain thinking? Well, the lucky clients of Michael Anschel get a two-fer. He studied ceramics “for fun” and botany with equal fascination. Marry art and science and you come up with the unique design-build capabilities offered by Otogawa-Anschel.

What sets your company apart?
We are a small, award-winning design-build firm devoted to green building and urban living. We strive to bring creative and unique architectural solutions to homes that reveal the potential for form and function and an environment our clients will thrive in. We are committed to maintaining a high level of workmanship, with special attention paid to the aesthetics involved in remodeling and adding to homes.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their remodeler?

You as the homeowner place a great deal of trust and responsibility in our hands. We seek to meet your expectations with respect and transparency, and we strive to provide a journey that is better. We want to be your partners in designing and building a home in which you will feel great about living. From small remodels to large additions to new homes, we can create it.

How would you describe your team’s approach to a new project?

Our design process is complete and thorough. We take space planning and layout beyond the basics to include interlaced electrical and mechanical design, structural detail, tile, paint, light fixtures—every possible facet of your project. It is our job to understand your aesthetic as well as the architectural style of both your home and the community of which it is a part. The designer is the filter between what you want, what your house wants, and what constitutes exceptional design. They have both the knowledge and experience to create a functional and amazing space you will love.

Photography by Erica Loeks