Narr Construction, Inc.

Greg & Karen Narr

Greg Narr embodies the philosophy he learned from his dad—work hard and bring integrity and honor to everything you do. For 30 years the two Narrs worked together, building a legacy as a well-loved local custom homebuilder. Today, Greg carries on that tradition with his wife Karen, combining a distinctive flair for home design, a love of fine carpentry and top workmanship as well as a deep understanding of how to provide unmatched service. The result? Truly satisfied clients and homes would make Greg’s dad proud.

What got you started in custom homebuilding?

I [Greg] grew up in the building business. I started working for my father at a very early age. The feel and smells of a new house gets in your blood.

What inspires and influences your work?

Desire to create something of lasting value that is appreciated and valued by the client and the marketplace.

How would you describe your build style?

Hands on, visiting the job site every day, knowing all the different aspects of building and knowing how things are to be done and insisting on it.

Why do you think your clients choose you as their builder?

Quality and design sensitive collaboration. A tight control of the process resulting in a satisfied client.

What are some of your projects or accomplishments you’re most proud of?

Solving problems for the client with a beautiful and functional solution.

What architectural styles do you like best and why?

From traditional to transitional, the client dictates the design.

What are some of your favorite trends you’re seeing this year?

Expansive use of glass, bringing the outside into the home, and creating something unique in each room.

What do others view as your signature in your homes?

Well done and thought out. Quality is a given equaled by some, surpassed by none.

What figure in history or your past do you admire most and why?

My father was my partner in business for 30 years. Godly man of integrity and hard work.

What do you think are some of the most important elements of a successful build team?

Communication on a regular basis, trust between the client and the builder, and fiscal responsibility.

What do you wish others knew about your company?

The experience and knowhow we bring to the table. is only possible through years of experience.

What makes you most proud to be a builder?
I’m proud to have been in the business for more the 40 years and have so many satisfied customers.


Photography by Meghan Doll