Elevation Homes

Bill Costello

Elevation Homes is led by founder Nate Wissink and division director Bill Costello. Their custom designed homes are built with the intention to be a good neighbor to the existing community, by providing relevant design and distinctive craftsmanship. They achieve this by becoming the collaborative partner with their clients and the curator of all resources. Their proven processes and unique approach clarifies the vision, aesthetics and budget, and is guided throughout by an assigned staff project director. Their efficiency and team talent develop deep relationships while creating the most cost effective, responsive design and beautifully built home.

What should we know about your firm? 

Elevation Homes is a division of Streeter & Associates, building timeless custom homes that perfectly complement new urban or rural developments, lake communities and long-established neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities. From modern to traditional homes, we are proud of our craftsmanship, client relationships and collaboration with architects, designers and industry partnerships.

Why do clients choose Elevation?

Our unique project vision, guidance and client advocacy approach from project start to finish. Our insightful team management, integrated design meetings and selections review process provides increased project accountability and value.

What inspires and influences your work?

Elevation Homes consistently demonstrates an understanding of contemporary families’ needs with flexible and diverse custom design, stellar craftsmanship and a signature collaborative style. We are often inspired by a modern approach to classic home styles and we recommend innovative ideas and products that offer improved maintenance, comfort and beauty.

What makes you most proud to be a builder?

Client relationships are the foundation of our success. Elevation assembles and manages the team as the client advocate and guide throughout the journey.


Photography by Meghan Doll