Dreamstructure DesignBuild

Jason Johnson

Dreamstructure DesignBuild Creates Extraordinary Homes with a One-On-One Experience

Providing a superior one-on-one experience in homebuilding is the hallmark of Dreamstructure DesignBuild. Jason Johnson, Managing Director, comes by this naturally with an impressive 30 years in the construction field for someone just 44 years old. His dad worked in construction, and he himself obtained a work permit at the age of 13.

The fact that Johnson has honed skills in every phase of building, from carpentry to design and project management, gives a depth of meaning to “one-on one.” Johnson meets with the client from beginning to end, and is always accessible. “Good communication is our number one priority,” he said.

“From the outset, our job is to educate clients, so that choices they make will work realistically with their goals. As their main resource, I encourage them to ask me any question,” said Johnson. “We gain clients’ trust with this openness and honesty, and we detail a full disclosure budget in a cost-plus plan. We find people really do want to know where their budget is allocated, which also helps them to prioritize in their options.”

In this family business owned by Johnson and his wife, Abby, the staff and crew are the family too, and take an excellent reputation seriously. The staff of six, including Christina Graese, Sales and Marketing Director, a project manager, cabinet designer and three finish carpenters, is augmented by other highly skilled carpenters and subcontractors. Each project has a fully dedicated crew from start to finish. “We don’t take on more than we can handle really well,” said Johnson. “And we respect our expert team; we have to do it together.”

Johnson brings a contagious enthusiasm and thoroughness for design/build that ensures a beautifully individualized product, from new construction to remodeling. Besides “high touch,” the process is also high tech, and web based to aid the selection process.

Johnson says that as a builder, he believes in being involved integrally in the design of the home. “The gift I can bring with a wide breadth of experience is being able to visualize the actual home before the plan is even worked out on paper. I know how every element works together, including the home’s orientation so I know how design possibilities fit and how they can be built.”

Dreamstructure primarily builds in the eastern metro, Hudson, and the St. Croix Valley, with offices in Hudson and the International Market Square in Minneapolis. About 25 percent of the company business is high end remodeling and renovation. Consumers can also check out a model in each of a few developments in Dreamstructure’s market area. The company offers three phases of home design, from semi-custom, custom to the Signature services, in which no home plan is ever duplicated.

What could say more about Dreamstructure than this homeowner comment: “We wanted so much more than a house – we wanted a home, a space we could fill with friends and laughter, that would reflect who we are as a family, and that is exactly what they built for us.”


Story by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll