Artisan Home No. R20

OA Design + Build Remodeler

5152 Oliver Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN | 612-789-7070 | MN Lic #BC322423

Please Note: Remodeled homes are open three days only. Visit June 24-26.

From top to bottom, this ultra-sustainable remodel with a dramatic layout change, redesigned radiant heating system, and two-story addition is sure to leave a lasting impression. This home is brimming with layers upon layers of exquisite detail.

  • The home features three new fireplaces from Hearth & Home—two of which are electric, but not like any electric you’ve seen before! Holographic technology makes for a soothing green alternative.
  • Mitsubishi’s brand-new recessed mini-split technology is on display. All the efficiency and comfort of a ductless system, discretely tucked into the ceiling.
  • OA Design+Build has never been afraid of adding color to designs, and this remodel is no exception. Vibrant colors on the addition’s new PVC board and batten from Azek, accented with Tamlyn’s extreme aluminum trims and true open-joint cladding, emphasize this emerging architectural language.
  • Inside, the removal of a few major bearing walls and all new windows from Sierra Pacific allow light to flood the home.
  • The kitchen and dining space is chock full of one-of-a-kind details. A new Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with interchangeable glass panels was the inspiration for the pops of color throughout the cabinetry.
  • The pantry looks sharp with a mix of eucalyptus and reclaimed pine finished with new hardware.
  • The inspiring tilework in the bathrooms was seen as a fresh canvas for textures, colors, and lines.
  • This home is the star of Building Resilience Season 2, and it is packed full of incredible details! The handrail to the lower level alone will impress!