Artisan Home No. R32

Water Street Homes Remodeler

3630 Arrowhead Drive, Unit #1, Medina, MN 55340 | (952) 474-6160 | MN Lic #BC390906

This luxury garage condominium features nearly 6,000 square feet of space designed for the owner to enjoy his passion for vehicles. This open, modern-style space radiates quality around every turn, and is the ideal place to work on projects or use as an urban cabin for the family.

  • The AutoMotorPlex private garage condominiums are designed by a vehicle enthusiast, for enthusiasts.
  • The community was the ideal solution for the owner, providing the opportunity to own more space for his prized vehicles, giving him the ultimate place to enjoy his passions, and connecting him with like-minded car aficionados.
  • Two levels include a full kitchen, multiple baths, a large walk-in shower, office area, workout area, and a custom center table that features a die-cut model of the owner’s Gulf Livery Ford GT collector car that extends up in the center on demand.
  • Climate control and 24/7 monitoring keep the space comfortable and secure all year long.
  • Curved art walls transition the first level to the second-story loft, and the automobilia incorporated throughout the space tailors the condo to the owner’s taste.
  • A separate entertaining space with a custom wine wall is tied into the design beautifully with a wood-paneled wall and integrated stainless steel cabinets.
  • The floor was hand sanded in preparation for the custom epoxy coating.
  • In-floor hydronic heating is underfoot, while a unique black acoustical ceiling treatment with pendant downcast lighting is found overhead.
  • In this community of motorsport enthusiasts, members become a part of something bigger than they could on their own.