Wooddale Builders

Steve Schwieters

Classic Design, Modern Innovation

Forty years ago, Steven Schwieters was ready to step out on his own. After mastering skills of framing and finished carpentry while working for his uncle’s construction company, the time had come for new challenges, and Wooddale Builders was born. “I like the emerging styles of architecture,” Schwieters said. “It offers more opportunity for our clients’ individual wants and needs.”

“I enjoy working with people,” he said. “Often, many of these clients have built homes in the past, so they to have a good sense of what they want. Along with our expert guidance, we are able to make their dream home a reality.”

Clients connect with the Wooddale team from architects to interior designers. “We direct them through the many aspects of the building process, from design to construction, and involve clients from start to finish to ensure that they are always in the know,” Schwieters said.

The Wooddale team strives in keeping up with the latest trends. “Our team is continually searching to maintain modern innovation while remaining true to classic home design and integrity,” Schwieters said.

Upon construction start, a team including a project manager, field supervisor, interior decorator, and Schwieters himself, who is involved throughout, comes together to lay out the process. “Constant communication between the team and the client makes the experience smooth and enjoyable,” Schwieters said.

Ultimately, pleased homeowners who have experienced the building process with the Wooddale team drive business through word of mouth, praising the company’s passion for pleasing its clientele.

“They are delighted with the quality of the home and our close attention to detail,” Schwieters said. “We deliver excellent craftsmanship and design with good value.”

For Schwieters, a pleased customer is what the business is all about. “What I really love though, through all the years of building homes, is the utter satisfaction of clients- it really does make it that much easier for us.”


Written by Carla Waldemar
Photography by Meghan Doll