Vujovich Design Build, Inc. Remodeler

Ed Roskowinski, Beth Malmberg, Peter Vujovich

A Secret Passion

What happens when a law student and a computer programmer go into business together? Well, duh—they remodel homes.

Okay, it’s a trick question, but that’s what happened when cousins Peter Vujovich and Ed Roskowinski discovered they shared a secret passion for the architecture and construction of older homes. Peter launched Vujovich in 1977, and by 1986 Ed had drunk the Kool-Aid, too. The remodeling firm grew, one relationship at a time, “working with people you knew, and knew what their needs were,” Ed remembers. Restoration work with the Historical Society of Minnesota built their expertise. “A lot of our philosophy was learned there, which supports the fun and quality projects we undertake today,” says Ed.

Vujovich works with—and wrote the book on, some might say—recreating traditional architectural styles. But today that often involves creating classic touches on the postwar homes of the ’60s and ’70s, where, notes Ed, “architectural design was not so prevalent. So we give it a style”—like morphing a 1960 split-level into an Arts and Crafts abode, or a straightforward two-story into a Colonial.

Projects, scattered throughout the metro’s older sections, run from $50,000 to many times that. But they all begin with a free consultation. Clients range from “We have no idea at all” (and maybe not even a specific house nailed down yet) to those who’ve lived, talked, sketched and breathed their dream for years. Vujovich designers then weed through the jungle of showroom choices, using their expertise to cull ideas for each client. The design and estimating process are married from the get-go, so no surprises—except, maybe, pleasant ones: Vujovich is an expert at value-engineering, as in suggesting more practical ways of construction. A project manager is onsite every day (and even answering his phone at midnight), working to incorporate any homeowners’ changes as designs evolve from paper to reality.