Schrader & Companies

Andy Schrader

Craftsmanship as an Art Form

Andy Schrader—though he’s too modest to say it—is as unique as the custom mansions he erects. While most people are either left-brain or right-brain oriented, Andy operates on both cylinders. He started out as a framer “because I like the technical aspect of building,” but soon migrated to the creative aspects of a project as well. “My dad was an interior designer, so that’s in my background, too,” he explains.

Schrader & Companies, launched 13 years ago, has always specialized in high end homes because they afford Andy’s creative genes the opportunity to flourish. He specializes in generating the many custom details that go into a beautiful home. “I’m into the fine points, like wood, tile, stone, cabinets.” The challenge of creating unique ceilings, flooring and lighting are like catnip to him.

And clients are just as crazy about those customized touches. “My customers themselves are unique,” says the builder, “so we suit their special needs, customized to where they’re coming from and what they want to do. They may bring in their own architect—lots of very talented ones out there. Or we’re delighted to take the ideas they have in mind and start laying out drawings and turn them into actual walls and dimensions of a room, then adding more unique details like beaming, flooring.”

Communication with clients is a “constant process,” testifies Andy, who invites 24/7 email and telephone contact with himself, the project manager and field supervisor. “We also accompany clients to showrooms throughout the design process, offering consultations and research. With my interior design background, I’ve got a good eye for certain details as well as the whole scheme, so we see plans a little differently—interpret and enhance them to make them even better.”