Narr Construction, Inc.

Greg Narr

Lifelong Integrity

Hard work is nothing new for Greg Narr who grew up not just watching his father run the business, but was right by his side when he was old enough to hold a hammer. By the time he was in high school, Greg became a part-time employee in his father’s company, Narr Construction, Inc., juggling school, sports, and work. Pretty soon, the part-time gig became his livelihood as the second-generation builder with his keen eye for carpentry and business began to run the company. He acquired his skills from the ground up, working on the job sites until the business began to grow and his expertise was needed in the office.

Greg took a family-run construction business built on integrity and dedication and turned it into a business based on the same values but with a new emphasis on personalized lifestyle building. Having been in the business for more than forty years, Greg takes his experiences along with his love of design to not only construct houses, but rather produce homes; not just a structure of living but a place of retreat and comfort.

Greg’s attention to detail and involvement in the entire process allows for any elements of the home to be refined: “From fireplaces to mantles to newel posts and railings, I work closely with the architect to ensure the finished product meets everyone’s end goal.” Today, Narr homes tip the spectrum towards a transitional look with open floor plans, clean lines, and comfortable living; one would also be hard-pressed to find a builder with more expertise in custom homes. Working primarily in the West Metropolitan area, from his custom-built homes to remodel jobs, Narr works with his team to optimize cost-containment and quality in the final product. “My family has always operated our business with the understanding that we use the best practices in building from the foundation to finish,” Narr says.

For Narr, a higher quality of schema and attention to detail crafts an inexplicable sense that Narr homes are truly meant to be homes, not just houses: “When people walk in, they can feel that no matter how grand or luxurious the space is, there’s still character and a warm feeling about it. The challenge as a builder is to create places that feature clean lines and crisp layouts, but still function as truly comfortable and homes to be treasured for a lifetime.”

Customer satisfaction is the priority as Narr delivers on the attributes he promises. Homeowners profess delight that he’s a hands-on man—a man with design sensibilities—and an unprecedented level of integrity. Sticking with the point, he simply underscores, “I do what I say I’ll do.”

For clients interested in quality without a reduction in value, Narr’s deep care for each home he builds is evident. The design-sensitive builder crafts artisan homes for families and empty-nesters alike. “Growing up building houses, it becomes part of who you are and it energizes you. At the heart of every new home, there’s a family experience that I get to help create. From the first home I completed, forty years ago, I still feel that same sense of satisfaction because every home is unique.


Written by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll