Mark D. Williams Custom Homes, Inc.

Mark D. Williams

Building Relationships and Dreams

There is something about a custom home or remodel built by Mark D. Williams Homes that is recognizable, but it is not a certain style or layout. The builder‘s signature is subtler, and has to do more with the personality and vitality of the home that particularly reflects the client. Homeowners have praised Mark William’s creativity, but Williams himself insists that the process includes a joint vision that brings reality and function to the homeowner’s desires and needs.

“We feel that true custom building helps people achieve the home they want, and it accomplishes this within the parameters of budget and location,” he said. “For example, we can design almost any custom home to take the best advantage of natural light.”

The difference between a house and a home, however beautiful, says Williams, is the livability factor that resonates with each client. One homeowner put it this way, “I thought it would take a while to feel like home but it immediately felt like home.” Another said, “You helped me find my voice and respectfully offered yours.”

Williams’ philosophy is that custom building is truly an art, and that it is a dynamic, evolving process. “It is like a coloring book. A blueprint is just the start; the client and our team put the real color into it.”

Mark Williams comes by his interest in home building naturally, as the third generation in a family of builders. In fact, his own twelve-year old company is also multi-family generational, because William’s cousin, whose father was a builder, too, is project manager. The same subcontractors work on virtually all jobs, and mutual loyalty is a hallmark of the company. Some of these contractors’ fathers also worked with Mark William’s father.

“I knew many of our subcontractors from high school or growing up,” Williams said. “We really trust their abilities and respect their input in solutions because they have such a breadth of skilled experience. We encourage collective knowledge and as a result, everything works together. Even though I consistently have high expectations, the finished home always goes beyond those.”

Major remodeling projects present challenges that Williams savors. “With a new home, you’re working with a clean slate. Within the bounds of practicality, it is such a fresh lifestyle statement. With remodeling, there are so many factors to consider, so it’s rewarding to visualize and bring new life to a house that needs it functionally or aesthetically.”

Williams notes a current trend toward a high end, smaller home, with more detail rather than oversized spaces. ”It is true that smaller homes can ‘live large.’ People recognize that they can enjoy a beautifully functional and detailed home that is still a reasonable space to maintain,” he said.

In its decade of business, the company has already seen repeat business. “It’s so gratifying to handle the second project for someone. We really are about building relationships. People know we like the process, and we make sure that they can enjoy it, too,” Williams said.


Story by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll