Kyle Hunt & Partners, Inc.

Kyle Hunt

It’s in the Details

Kyle, and the Kyle Hunt & Partners team, scrutinize and pinpoint each factor in the building of the highest quality custom homes and that is a prime reason clients sing their praises. “Attention to detail is the biggest thing that sets us apart from most of our competition,” he explains: “We’re very detailed in documentation, service in the field and service post-construction. We pay particular attention to keeping clients attuned to how and when decisions need to be made.”

From the start, Kyle Hunt & Partners has focused on building and renovating homes with the artisan approach, pursuing the highest integrity throughout the process with their clients and project teams.

To assure a home is uniquely personal for each client—no “Hunt Look,” Kyle works with a host of independent architects, interior designers and landscape architects rather than an in-house stable: “It keeps our designs fresh; focused on our client’s objectives and lifestyle. Our interest is building quality, the style is a reflection of our client’s personalities, be it traditional or contemporary, purist or eclectic. Our responsibility is to craft any style with integrity, wisdom and zeal.”

Teamwork also sets Kyle Hunt & Partners apart from others, he believes. Partnerships with architectural, interior and landscape designers who share the same desire, create lasting value for clients while meeting their lifestyle goal. Each home is assigned a project manager—the main conduit—and an assistant project manager who organizes all project details and communicates to the entire project team. Kyle’s staff has a strong understanding of how to meet the lifestyle goals of each client and accomplish this while keeping the process on track.