Kroiss Development, Inc.

Todd Simning

Delivering on the Kroiss Brand Promise

The name Kroiss was an established name in home building when Todd Simning started working for the company in 1989, but it became a wholly new entity as Kroiss Development in 1999 when Simning, then a seasoned contractor and sales agent, became CEO and President.  Kroiss Development is a premier luxury builder and designer in the Twin Cities area.  You may recognize top quality building, architectural design and craftsmanship as a Kroiss home, which is the result of partnering with the best local architects, extraordinary customer service and trusted subcontractors, each with an average 12-15 years experience with the company.

Todd Simning delivers on his promise. In fact, he developed a brand designed to change the way people see Best-In-Class-Service.  For starters, astoundingly, the promise to keep on a timeline has never been broken. Even trusted subcontractors have been surprised by Simning’s willingness to literally jump into a construction project that threatens to throw the schedule off. He admits to ruining a few good shoes, but everybody knows the schedule is serious. Additionally, he empowers the subcontractors to make decisions on site that may cost him a bit more but those decisions result in complete customer satisfaction.

The budget is never a surprise. “We really want to educate our buyers about what the actual costs of elements are, and we balance the architecture in conjuction with construction,” says Simning.“ So we have an entirely transparent process, which is 100% open book. For example, if we gain credits from material vendors by paying in a timely fashion, we pass those savings along to the client.”

Spec homes are terrific showcases for Kroiss Development, and Simning is on hand during the events. “People who come through our Parade of Homes models find it fun and educational, because we are always showing something different.  We are proud of not just creating a home with great architecture and craftsmanship; we are creating an artful home. And we are always aware of an older neighborhood’s vernacular,” said Simning.  In fact, Kroiss was awarded a Minneapolis Blend Award for their Lowry Hill home for that very reason.  Every home is a new classic, built to endure the test of time while it functions for today’s living.

The Kroiss home building process begins by brainstorming and listening.  Along with the architect, the interior designer is involved right away, and Simning himself sits in almost all meetings. “We really listen.” He said. “That is so essential, and that’s why we can be responsive.” The Kroiss staff includes two field supervisors, an interior designer/project manager and Todd Simning’s wife, who manages administration.

Simning’s enthusiasm is contagious, his integrity rock solid, and many friendships emerge from what has become a fun process for clients. How does a potential buyer know how to choose a builder?” Look at all the nuts and bolts, call references, and most importantly ask how the builder reacted during the building process when there was a miscommunication,” said Simning. “I feel that if we treat people fairly and are enjoyable to work with, the results will follow.”


Written by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll