Ispiri, LLC Remodeler

Jason Fabio

Envisioning Solutions

Not many little boys dream of becoming a remodeler when they grow up—a rock star, maybe. A fireman, or a pilot. True to form, Jason Fabio became a pilot for Northwest Airlines, until 9/11 and the ensuing downturn led to furloughs. That was the “aha!” moment when he recalled working in construction growing up, and loving it. So in 2007 he took the leap and founded Ispiri, today an award-winning construction company. “What’s the downside?” he figured. “I’m starting at zero, so I can only go up.”

Which—thanks to word of mouth due to very satisfied clients—he soon did, hiring a full stable of professionals, from project managers to interior designers, to ensure clients’ satisfaction. Jason loves the challenge of remodeling, he admits it: “finding a solution for existing homes that others can’t foresee. To show possibilities—show vision—and to accomplish them is gratifying.”

Ispiri undertakes the entire spectrum of home-improvement projects, from a remodeled bathroom to a life-altering, multi-million dollar renovation. Projects segue from those of modern suburban homes, where it’s often a finished basement or addition, to the more extensive needs of older homes that may lack space and updates of mechanical functions, as well as personalizing those luxury lofts on the market.

Ispiri process is a bit different from the usual scenario. “People call us when something isn’t working right, not meeting their needs. Then, in the design phase, homeowners meet with our team, who—working within their budget—provide them with design solutions,” gleaned by one-stop shopping in Ispiri’s Woodbury Design Showroom. “Clients complete all finishing selections—signed off and approved—before we even start, in order to deliver a better client experience, with fewer schedule and budget overruns,” he explains.

But if and when changes are desired, a project manager is at the ready to oblige. “The client is seeing the sausage being made,” he laughs. “It’s like watching an auto being built on the assembly line. Our challenge is to pay attention to quality, schedules, cleanliness and communication while the client is living in the remodeled spaces. We take that very seriously.”

Client satisfaction is underscored by independent surveys, which echo statements like “exceptional customer service and quality” and “great company to work with—they help us achieve our dreams.” Jason’s own satisfaction is derived from knowing—seeing!—he’s improved someone’s quality of life—“maybe removing a frustration by improving the flow of a kitchen, or combining the living room/dining room/kitchen to unite the family in a single space. For us, it’s all about providing an end result you’ll be happy with.”

Written by Carla Waldemar
Photography by Meghan Doll