Hanson Builders

Mark Englund and Dean Hanson

Talented Teamwork

Hanson Builders, Inc. has gathered dozens of BATC Reggie/Trillium awards, thrilled their clients with innovations and demonstrated since 1979 that business ethics and building skills are important in three family generations.

CEO Dean Hanson learned the building trade from this father, Ken, a Master carpenter. The company’s invaluable assets include well known in-house designer, Mark Englund, and a talented, seasoned team of interior designers, site managers, craftsmen and sales professionals, including Hanson’s sons, and his wife, Catherine, CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer.

Don Skelly, President, joined Hanson Builders in 1997 and leads the daily operations now. Skelly points out that Hanson is a highly consumer-driven company. “We are thoughtfully organized in the design process, which saves our busy clients considerable time as compared to smaller custom shops. Our showroom has thousands of selections at our fingertips electronically, and with our team’s guidance, buyers don’t have to plow through everything on their own. Another one of our advantages is that clients can walk through at least three to five models, so choices are “experienced” in a real setting. Our home design process is laugh-out-loud fun with Mark Englund, V. P. of Design, who has designed homes all around the country,” said.

Mark has designed homes in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. In addition, he’s gained national perspective as a former HGTV series host and authored ‘The Association Press House of the Week’ column for over 15 years.

“Two other popular features are the “trap door” from the Master Closet-to-Laundry to allow an early riser to leave the sleeping room unnoticed, and an Indoor Sports Courts, which we introduced 10 years ago. Both our Artisan Tour homes this year have a “Court”. Our newest 2015 innovative design feature this year is the “Prep Kitchen”, literally a 2nd Kitchen to prepare food and hide the “carcass” after Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy your guests – leaving the cleanup until after they leave.

The practicalities of building are honed to a science at Hanson Builders. Design-to-Budget, Timelines-Met and Floorplan-Evolution are the top three areas of focus. With a tried and true system in place, Skelly says, “Our client-custom designs actually get built – because we listened to the budget from the start the clients told us they’d pay for. There are no surprises when we draw up our very detailed Pricing Proposal – it is at budget the first time. Unpleasant surprises are minimized using what we call a “Source Home”, which I describe as the clients’ own personal model-home. Here, in real life, is exactly what is specified in your home, and here’s a precise timeline to build it. Anything that changes is then noted by exception – all very clear and concise” said Skelly.