Elevation Homes

Nate Wissink

Client Relationships are the Foundation for Elevation Homes

Elevation Homes, a division of Streeter & Associates, began eleven years ago when Nate Wissink, then working in multi-family housing and mixed-use properties, recognized an emerging need in the single-family marketplace. Many families wanted new, custom designed homes located within older, desirable neighborhoods, but lots were scarce.

Elevation was launched with a spec home, and ever since has consistently demonstrated its understanding of contemporary families’ needs with stellar building, diverse custom design and a signature collaborative style.

Nate Wissink, principal of Elevation Homes, explains Elevation’s perspective. “Many older homes in a 70-100-year old neighborhood do not “live” the way a family does today. Our typical clients want to live in these neighborhoods but they want a custom home with today’s design and amenities,” he said. “We want to make sure that an Elevation home is a good neighbor to the existing neighborhood, and will be a classic with a relevant design for the next 100 years.”

Wissink explains that the company achieves this by becoming the collaborative partner with its clients and the curator of all resources. Its services range from site location, procurement and planning, demolition of existing structure, design, interior design and building. The company even offers home care maintenance after the family has moved in.

Elevation Homes builds and remodels stylistically diverse homes throughout the greater twin cities area, from the urban city lakes and surrounding established neighborhoods, to nearby Edina, Wayzata, Orono and other more rural locations in Minneapolis and St Paul.

“Our process and partnerships are important,” said Wissink. It’s great to introduce our clients to local architects and we are proud of our long-term relationships with emerging and established architects and designers.  These partnerships make it possible to build diverse home styles from traditional colonial, classic coastal to modern design, yet all offering a fresh perspective and approach.”

The dynamics of Elevation that create a journey and an enduring home is always the implementation of a client’s vision. The pulse that runs through planning and building every one of the 12-15 homes that the company builds annually is one of connection and relationship with the client, the employees and every resource involved in the project.

Project management begins with a “front end loading” process that clarifies the vision, aesthetics and budget, and is guided throughout by an assigned staff project manager. Elevation works with the architect and its general plan, and then fleshes out design details. This efficiency and team talent develop deep relationships while creating the most cost effective, responsive design and beautifully built home.

The company’s 16 staff members, from the office and project management to field supervisors, are the cement in this relationship-focused business. “Team members are chosen very carefully,” said Wissink, “and they share our passion. They know that building this home is a major life journey for a client. We want this to be a mountain-top experience, and we clear any hurdles and connect the dots and people to make it happen.”

It’s no wonder that client referrals are ongoing, and that relationships are lasting.


Written by Joan Knight
Photography by Meghan Doll